shot by brent

Portfolio design 2020

Shot by Brent is a Wordpress based custom build portfolio website for Brent Van den Abbeele, a Belgian based Director of Photography of documentaries, tv-commercials, television, and visual arts, as well as on social media.

Shot by Brent Landing page


We wanted to produce a portfolio for creatives, taking into account the variety of styles they offer through their work. In other words, we took a minimalist approach, using basic shapes and limited colour palettes, not to overpower the creative visions of the portfolio’s projects. We designed keeping in mind simplicity, clarity and consistency.

Landing Page

The landing page consists of 3 main elements. Navigation, portfolio grid and social media. The navigation menu is minimal to prevent it from taking the attention away from the stills in the grid. As the mouse hovers over the images they light up from the black and white grid.


The most prominent part is the portfolio grid. The grid functions as a visual overview of the portfolio of Brent, the administrator. It provides a powerful way to specify an importance to certain videos. By placing them above the fold and in bigger frames he can direct the visitor’s view to his more prestigious projects.

Shot by Brent mobile

Dynamic content

All the content in the grid and the displayed videos are easily customizable by the owner. We use Wordpress as a content management system to input the data. Titles, images, videos and copy content can be easily adjusted. Because all our designs are fully responsive and influence the grid structure, the client asked us to make the image position editable. The owner can customise the content on the page without our involvement.

Shot by Brent Wordpress website

Video page

The video page makes use of the clients already excisting youtube account. The video itself takes up 80% of the viewport on the video page to respect the creative work. Each video can trigger a possible client to reach out to Brent, so we made sure to provide the needed attention to the social buttons at the bottom of every video.

Shot by Brent Tablet

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